• github.com mirror back in-tact

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Fri Mar 22 01:39:58 2024
    The github.com mirror of the Synchronet repository https://github.com/SynchronetBBS/sbbs has been out-of-sync (stopped receiving updates) since May of last year at which time a 100MB source file (src/conio/rgbmap.c), was added to the sbbs repo, but exceeds github's max-file-size policy. The gitlab.com mirror was still working fine.

    Anyway, Deuce performed some git-foo voodoo and edited the repo history to make that file (rgbmap.c) disappear from the history of the repo, thus allowing the pushes to github.com to work again.

    This does mean that sysops that have previously cloned the sbbs repo and pull updates might see a little "different" output with a list of branches and "(forced update)" for each - but just once. And that's expected.

    Anyway, all looks good again with the mirrors in "the cloud" and the source is safe again.
    digital man (rob)

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