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    From The Millionaire@VERT to All on Saturday, March 21, 2020 07:41:35
    Any Linux Viruses that were as big as Windows Viruses?

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    On 3/21/2020 7:41 AM, The Millionaire wrote:
    Any Linux Viruses that were as big as Windows Viruses?

    Not viruses, but there are a *LOT* of bots out there running various
    remote exploits if you have a publicly accessible Linux host that isn't updated regularly... biggest are usually around OpenSSL/OpenSSH bugs.

    There's also a number of sandbox/execution breaks that can get you out
    of the browser that have been exploited over the years from a client
    pov, if you're a Linux desktop user.

    That's not to say that Windows is more secure, or not... right now,
    likely least secure are going to be Android, MacOS and Safari in that
    order... Servers are a different target profile than Desktop.

    And even locked down, you can do a lot of damage with a swarm of CnC
    client breaks... Ad networks are another huge gateway (combined with
    browser sandbox exploits).

    To my knowledge, none of the mainstream OSes have managed to go any
    protracted period without some major combination of breach factors.
    Linux, with a proper firewall configuration, or VPN + access
    restrictions is usually better.

    Viruses are actually less of a concern than directed efforts, with
    regards to overall security.

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