• Error Message When Dumping Messages in QWK

    From Robert Wolfe@1:116/18.2 to All on Fri Apr 24 19:27:44 2020
    hi all!

    Was trying to download a QWK packet from my BBS this afternoon and got this error message before I was dumped back to a command prompt in the BBS windowL:

    Dumping News:

    Hardware / Software Failure. Please report to SysOp. Bogo Meditation #1/0: Can't open file "c:/bbbs/main/areah2o4.dat" for "rb"! Bogo Meditation was caused by missing file.

    What do I need to do to recreate/create this file?

    --- BBBS/2 v4.10 Toy-4
    * Origin: Omicron Theta/2 * Southaven MS * winserver.org (1:116/18.2)