• collaborative updating

    From Andrew Alt@1:261/38 to All on Sun Aug 18 15:17:48 2019
    Just wondering if collaborative updating via some method of git is anything that's been discussed before.

    I haven't read every messages regarding the fidonet site, but I've seen that some
    of the info could be updated.

    Just wondering if anyone had thoughts about putting some pages or info on GitHub
    or Gitlab to facilitate the potential for collaborative editing and discussion.
    Or perhaps it'd be more desirable for Fidonet to run its own Gitlab instance.

    If one goal is to promote the visibility of FidoNet, then creating a "fidonet" org
    on GitHub might be worth considering, which contained a few related repos. Maybe
    one repo would just be a BBS List, and another would be a repo containing a list
    of Mailers, another would contain files for the website.

    There are some repos that host "Awesome Lists", for example: https://github.com/topics/awesome-list

    Anyways... just some ideas I had in case anyone is interested.. ;) Cheers


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