• how to get to redir to z4.fidonet.org

    From Fernando Toledo@4:902/26 to Fidonet.FIDONET.ORG on Fri Oct 18 14:07:43 2019

    I have a wiki for Zone4 at http://fido.bbs.docksud.com.ar, i working on
    put more information about the zone.

    I see that fidonet.org have a link to www.z1.fidonet.org at botom

    Is possible to get the www.z4.fidonet.org alias ?

    What is the requeriments to get it?

    The request must be made by the zone coordinator?

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  • From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to Fernando Toledo on Wed Nov 6 11:02:37 2019


    Is possible to get the www.z4.fidonet.org alias ?

    I would prefer if you could agree on it with your ZC and then we'll take it from there.


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