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    nathanael culver wrote to Joacim Melin <=-

    I tried to help, do some good for the network, and I will continue to do so, with or without your support.

    This! I am brand spanking new to Fidonet, and I gotta concur
    fidonet.org is a disaster. Nothing screams "Fidonet is dead!" louder
    than a webpage dated 2003 full of dead links. And I love the
    "historical fidonet.fidonet.org web site sn an history of FidoNet
    (1992)" link. Now surely THAT doesn't say, "We're living in the past."

    Thank you for posting this - I'd posted a similar sentiment earlier, asking people to consider the perspective from a new sysop's point of view.
    Hearing this from you helps confirm my thoughts.

    I understand there are some technical dependencies on the back-end of fidonet.org, but surely replacing the current, dated, dead-linked page with even a Word HTML document with live html links wouldn't take that long to

    And that "About Joining Fidonet" page is clear: "You wanna join
    Fidonet? We'd rather you just go away, but if you insist go chase down this, search for that, and try not to bother us too much, 'K?"

    Yeah, that sounds like personal editorializing to me, and certainly not something all of us support. I would have a link to policy4 in the HTML and quote the relevant part 2.2 in the page - and skip the editorializing.

    ... How does this work, is there an orientation?
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