• Live Box to LIVE DVD

    From Rick Christian@1:135/377 to All on Mon Dec 31 19:58:56 2018

    Hello everybody!

    I am looking for CURRENT SCRIPTS/SOFTWARE that will take a INSTALLED distro on a disk and tunn it into a a LIVE DVD.

    Sort of like the various VtP or PtV setups for VMs's etc.. but to go from PtLD aka Physical to Live DVD.

    I am taling about creating the same ISO's that Kubuntu etc. all release.

    I am NOT talking about taking a ISO and putting it on USB stick etc..

    I've seen Remastersts and its sibilings ALL OUR OUTDATED and/or won't work with
    newer distro's be it kernel issues, driver issues, or systurd issues not that it infests everything...

    The various distro's obviously have some sort of secret sauce script to create these ISO's.... I'd just like to have them to take a working setup and turn into a ISO I can install with all the software I need installed...Why? Becuase a good bit of this is stuff that requires compilation not standard apt-get install from a deb or repo... various scripting ideas will fail with all the compiling...

    Compile it all, setit up, test it out, turn into an ISO, burn to other boxes.

    PS: dd and huge honking files including all them empty space is not the answer,

    Any one got any thing CURRENT AND WORKS????



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